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Styling Hair With Silky Dreads

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Silky dreads can be a perfect way of styling the dreadlocks if the hair looks weak and even short. This hairstyle can be styled as per your desire and the consumed is also very less when compared to other hairstyle. Try to create the braid in your silky dreads in such as way that it sticks in place over your head. While dividing your hair, make sure to it is wide as well as thick just like the extensions.

First divide your hair into sections and try to keep hair extension against the divide hair near your root. Let the long part of your extension stay loose over the head. Now you must braid this section of your hair along with the extension with three-strand braid method and after reaching the end make sure they look fully tight. Brush the hair in your braid with the backcomb technique and do this till your entire hair stays in place without using any styling product. 

In case you find any lose part in your extension try to wrap it around your braid from top and move towards the end of the extension. You must also try to backcomb hair ends that were wrapped into your braid and use spirit gum to make it stay in place easily. Continue this technique on the remaining hair sections in the same way to complete the styling process.

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